Welcome to the future.

The food system is changing. 

Zest is a plant-based food solutions agency. We exist to help you grow sales, increase profit and add value to your company.

Whilst plant-based food is our speciality, we offer a wide range of insight, support, NPD, food business and business services. Whether you are starting, building or scaling your first food company, or the CEO or CFO of a large food corporation (or anything inbetween) - we have the bigger picture solutions to the tiniest detail to offer. 


What we do

  • Fresh Ideas

We listen first and foremost to your ideas and plans. We talk through any ideas you haven't thought of yet. We will give you new suggestions, perspectives and opportunities for your overall strategy, as well as the practical guidance to execute all. Knowing all the options is the best starting point.

  • Branding + Graphic Design

Printing, branding, packaging, photography, promotional material for events and POS areas.

  • High St Retail 

Property search, shopfit, timeline advice and launch support.

  • Daily Soundboard Support

Assist your day-to-day with soundboard & signpost support - sharing advice, contacts and resources. Sense check your development strategy or third party work. Save time and ask us anything - helping you to overcome any barriers and accelerate progress.

  • Full NPD 

Hands-on 'from scratch' product development, reworks, updating/adding menu ranges, creating entire new menus, packaging and ingredient sourcing. Includes nutritional, allergen and vegan labelling, food safety, vat and product costing advice.

We also provide any training required to your teams.

  • People Power

In-store promotions, sampling, sales calls and sales meetings. We also recruit starting teams to be employed by you, for High Street retail or markets.

Where well-groomed, bright and friendly people are needed, we provide to suit your target market.

  • Market Positioning 

Product attributes, layout, logo function, nutritional comparisons, brand & product positioning. How does your offer compare to the competition? What makes it stand out?

  • Marketing & PR

Website creation including content and management, Social Media set up and management, PR & marketing including local and national press via op-ed.  Need London media interest? We've got the contacts.

We also arrange our people to flyer locally or lead events as part of media campaigns.

  • Scaling Up 

We assist in securing investment (or other accelerators), help prepare & practice for supermarket pitches and/or investor pitches - or - create a strategy for organic growth. We don't write your business plan, however we can provide feedback and any advice required.

Whether you need bricks & mortar property, operational structure put in place for functional processes, equipment, distribution, factory scaling or growing an ecommerce business, we can help.

What makes us different?

Key experience in transitioning meat/dairy/egg-centric offering to plant-based in a commercial mainstream market.

Home to the UK's Largest Online Resource for Plant-Based Food Business. 

We work for the greater health of consumers, workers, animal welfare, environment - business leaders and entrepreneurs too. We are purpose driven and highly motivated to grow your sales in volume. We want your products to be purchased and enjoyed by as many consumers as possible. 

Most of all, we work with any type or size of food business, with rates to suit all budgets: Food Manufacture, Streetfood, Local Farmer's Markets, High Street Food Retail & Restaurants, Caterers, Cafes, Supermarkets and Juice Bars.

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We look beyond competitor analysis for big ideas, solutions and strategies, for your business.